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The quality of our conference is also the result of the commitment of all our Partners.
In return for their efforts to constantly improve the quality of the program and the prestige of our conference,
we are happy to reciprocate with professional promotional cooperation.

If you are interested in any form of cooperation in organizing the next edition of the Transport&Logistics Future 2023 Conference, please let us know. We have many ready-made proposals for you. We are equally happy to listen to your non-standard expectations and ideas. The more trendy they are, the greater the chance that they will interest us.

Write to us also when your ideas for Partnership are still in their infancy. Who knows, perhaps your needs and visions, combined with our experience and capabilities, will really allow us to reach the clouds together.

Fill out the form below, enter and send your needs to us, and we will contact you with our proposals as soon as we can.

Skontaktuj się z nami / Contact us

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Dziękujemy za przesłanie! / Thank you for submitting!

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